Union Square Green Market (10.20.08)

Welcome to the first post to I Spy NYC, a New York City blog documenting my daily commute to work through Gramercy, Greenwich Village and the West Village.

For the first post, I think it’s appropriate to show Union Square Green Market, 6 blocks into my morning walk, and one of my favorite stops. (Google Map) The outdoor market is full of vendors from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut who bring fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, baked goods, meats, cheeses and more. They say you have over 1,000 different food options at the market. So far I think I’ve tried 8. Tip: some stands have far better prices than others ($2 tomatoes vs. $4 tomatoes), so explore, and don’t think that you won’t come across the exact same thing in a different part of the market. The goodness of the market can be experienced every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Union Square Green Market

Union Square Green Market

Plethora of Pumpkins

Plethora of Pumpkins

Apple Stand

Apple Stand

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