New York City Graffiti (10.22.08)

It was a busy commute. I realized when looking at this van, parked on the corner of Morton and Hudson, that I don’t understand why people write illegible graffiti. Are they trying to keep whatever they write a secret, only known to other members of their group? Well, no one should keep secrets. It could shed a bad light on the individual or gang who wrote this. Also, poor penmanship has never gotten anyone ahead in life.

Grafitti Van

Graffiti Van

Earlier on in my commute I walked past Uma Thurman and the head judge of Bravo’s Top Design, Jonathan Adler. No pictures, sorry. Busy morning.

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3 thoughts on “New York City Graffiti (10.22.08)

  1. crepitate says:

    Obviously it was striking enough that you took a picture of it, even though it’s illegible and contains what you consider poor penmanship. And I think that answers your own question. It’s there to be noticed. Good work.

  2. Marc Cappelletti says:

    Yup. I’m glad the sarcastic tone of this post came through. As if poor penmanship would be what shed the bad light on who I chose to call “gangs.”

  3. Jill says:

    I have spent many an hour trying to decipher the graffiti on my roof, to no avail. I too find it mysterious and captivating.

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