Obama and Sushi (10.24.08)

There is always so much to see on my morning commute through the New York’s Greenwich and West Village. The first place that stuck out to me was Sushi Samba on 7th ave. Make sure you aren’t wearing headphones or have your speaker volume on even a sliver because their website opens with the most obnoxious music possible. I’m all for brand experience, but please, do people really want to samba while sitting at a computer?

Sushi Samba

Sushi Samba

The restaurant serves delicious food inspired by Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cultures. And they also have various DJs who spin a fusion of similarly inspired music. They definitely pull off a fun, hip, New York vibe that is served all the better by being a “Sex in the City” featured hotspot.

A few blocks past Sushi Samba I came across a Barack Obama sticker on a car, which, due to this particular car, ironically affirms many people’s believe in his candidacy.

Barack Sticker

Barack Sticker

Enjoy the weekend!

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One thought on “Obama and Sushi (10.24.08)

  1. Jill says:

    I had the worst mother’s day brunch ever this past May at Sushi Samba. It was so bad we had to walk out. Biggest rip off imaginable – they had a menu that was “family style.” We were four people, at an exorbitant price, and they brought us enough food for about 2, truly meager (ie we were 4 people and they brought 3 pieces of bread, 2 pancakes and about a teaspoon of berries). And horrible service. Avoid at all costs.

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