Election and Starbucks (11.4.08)

I got lucky this morning. The wait in line at Starbucks to get my free coffee was longer than my polling line in New York’s Gramercy 68th district. After I voted I continued on my way to work and found that apparently everyone else in New York is having to wait at a minimum over an hour to vote. Lines were around entire blocks.

I was feeling good until I got to the Starbucks on 15th and third for the free coffee they are offering to voters all day. Three people in front of me asked for tall coffees and the employee asked if they had voted. They said yes and it was free. So when I get up there I say I’d like a tall coffee too. For some reason, she rings it up. I tell her that I voted as well, to which she responds, “Well I’m no damn mind reader.”  Well, Miss, if you were a mind reader you’d know that I think you are a capital B. Thanks for the coffee.

Gramercy Polling Station

Gramercy Polling Station

Long Lines on 14th and 3rd

Long Lines on 14th and 3rd

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