Eat Fruit and Die (11.7.08)

“Eat fruit and die.” That’s what the sticker on a mail relay box at the corner of Morton and Greenwich St. says. I don’t know about you, but my life includes a few loftier goals. Eating the recommended amount of fruit fits squarely into that plan, but in no way dominates it in such a way to suggest an obsessive focus. Eat fruit and die?  How about eat fruit and live? How about get a job, start a family, and see what happens?

Eat fruit and die.

Eat fruit and die.

The denseness of this sticker however is no match for the denseness of the people I see trying to slide pieces of mail into these relay boxes. There are no slots, no holes, no nothing. The sole purpose of these green mail boxes is to act as mini post offices where mailmen can store mail on its way to another location. Apparently many people don’t know this and do about three cirles around the box before moving on in frustration, letter in hand.

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One thought on “Eat Fruit and Die (11.7.08)

  1. It is better than what some people are doing with vegetables

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