Post No Bills (11.13.08)

Post no bills. That’s what the sign says. To be honest, I was rushed this morning and I don’t even remember which street this was on. You can see them all around New York. My problem with construction sites like this is that if we were allowed to post bills, or signs, the whole thing would look a hell of a lot better. Wouldn’t you love to see an ads for good entertainment like Growin Up Gotti or Paris Hilton’s My New BFF on your neighborhood construction site? I would.

Post No Bills

Post No Bills

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One thought on “Post No Bills (11.13.08)

  1. Jill says:

    Throughout my entire childhood I was always baffled by the Post No Bills signs. The grammar just made no sense and I didn’t know what a “bill” was, and besides, there is ALWAYS something posted on a blank wall. I think I was 25 before I understood it.

    Now let me tell you about the woman who couldn’t catch a bus because the “No Standing” sign next to every bus stop tormented her.

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