Reverse Commute (11.14.08)

I realized one thing this morning and learned another. What I realized is how great the reverse commute is when taking the Path train from 23rd or 33rd to Christopher St. or even to Jersey. I get off at Christopher Street after a brief ride on a train with practically no other people sitting, sneezing, talking, yelling, profisizing, or fighting like they did when I took the 1/2/3 downtown from 96th street. This morning there was no one in my particular car, just a Path officer.

Empty Path Train

Empty Path Train

After I took this shot the officer approched me with a big, “Hey! What are you doing?” like my point and shoot shot of an empty train was the beginings of a scheme to destroy the subway. All I could do was look confused (quite easy for me) and say, “What?” 

“You can’t take pictures on the subway!” he said, looking fairly miffed for what I had done.

“Ok,” I said, and put my camera away. He walked away. End of story. Have a good weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Reverse Commute (11.14.08)

  1. Miss Heather says:

    That’s a load of hooey. You are perfectly within the letter of the law taking pictures on the subway.

  2. Katie says:

    apparently they think that we;re all terrorists lols

  3. theatrdiva says:

    I have gotten the look as well, from passengers as well as MTA folks. What gives?

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