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Booga Sugar (12.8.08)

If you turn your view away from the soaring New York skyline and look towards the ground you’ll see lots of things. Trash, dog crap, unidentifiable stuff. You’ll probably also spot these stickers for Booga Sugar. A street marketing tactic that’s becoming more and more popular in NYC. (See Rod Stuart Loves the Hamptons)

Booga Sugar

Booga Sugar

So what is this? Notice the G clef. Ahh. There we have it. Booga Sugar, boogasugar.com is a New York City band who seems to a thing with Sweet and Low. It’s poppy, electronic, eclectic and fun music. And while I don’t condone litering of just any old piece of garbage, it seems like New York bands have to do creative advertising like this to generate some buzz and break through all the clutter. Good luck Booga.

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