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No Photo, Battery Exhausted (12.10.08)

My poor, poor camera battery. I took a photo this morning of my regular bagel cart on 23rd and when I went to view it the screen went gray and read, “Warning! Battery Exhausted.”

Maybe I haven’t been as considerate as I could have been to my battery. I’ve been demanding a lot of him (yes, him) lately, with this blog and all. So maybe it’s me who is at fault here. I keep pushing and pushing. Shot after shot. And now he’s pushing back.

Dude, give the photos a rest. I’m exhausted in here.

It reminded me of a bit by comedian Demetri Martin where he talks about the dramatic life of batteries. They’re either working or they’re dead. “That’s a pretty shit life,” he says. Well, Demetri, my battery is simply exhausted — pooped, laid up, temporarily out of commision.

And I’m pround of the little guy for sticking it out. Begging for a recharge and another round. I think there is something to be learned from rechargable batteries.

It’s when we as people push and push ourselves past the brink of exhaustion that we have anxiety, stress and ultimately, breakdowns. Take a step back. Think for a bit. Things have been pretty stressful lately. Maybe it’s time for a recharge.

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