New York Tax Proposal (12.17.08)

“Guess what Paterson plans to tax? All of it.” reads the Metro New York headline. The description below shows taxes on goods which (maybe because I’m reading John Adams right now) is eerily similar to the stamp act and one of the many reasons (soon to be) Americans revolted back then. Sitting on the Path train on my way to work I flipped the page hoping I had mistakenly picked up a copy of The Onion.

The proposed taxes involve an 18% “obesity tax” on non-diet sodas, taxes on taxis, sporting events, beer, movie tickets, cable and satellite TV, and the most ridiculous of all, a state and local tax of 8.375% on Internet movie and song downloads. Thought iTunes songs are 99cents? They could be $1.08 if you live in NYC.

There are many sides to this argument though. And it’s no debate that the state needs to get money from somewhere so it doesn’t have to cut education and health programs the way it is. I’d love to hear what people think.

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One thought on “New York Tax Proposal (12.17.08)

  1. Jill says:

    Yes here is what I think: why are you on the Path train on such a lovely morning when you should be walking.

    Seriously, my feeling is that they will probably reinstate the tax on clothing, which was a recent change and so politically probably the easiest to go back on.

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