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New Year’s Eve (12.31.08)

I’m feeling the need to reflect, as everyone else is, on the passing of 2008.

Everyday, I see this at the outset of my morning commute through New York City:

22nd Street, NYC

22nd Street, NYC

It’s pretty much the one thing I’m certain to see. That, and my destination. The path I take is only as certain as each block is long. Then I come to another block and another decision of how to proceed.

Some days I’ll take a more direct route and get to work more speedily. But when I arrive maybe the person I needed to talk to isn’t there yet. Most days, 5 or 10 minutes (a new block or two to explore) doesn’t make any difference with my work schedule. I can make a few turns one wouldn’t normally make and see new things and get to work either on time or a few minutes later. For the consistency of the still sleepy office before 9:15, maybe it’s worth it for me to follow these diversions. Maybe I’ll learn something.

That’s the way I look at 2009. We know where we stand, and we know where we want to go. Our personal destination, while it comes in infinite packages, can be generalized as being content and feeling purpose in life. So why not take some turns you might not normally take along the way? You never know what might pop up. Now, if the route you’ve found provides you with all you need then more power to you. Avoid distraction.

But for most of us, this year is as good as any to take some new turns. Seek out another route while keeping your destination in focus. It could lead to a better way. Or even a new destination. Who knows?

Happy New Year!

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