The Road to Victory (1.12.09)

I think my hands froze off somewhere around West 11th. My face lost the ability to move near the Mud Truck at Christopher Street. And by the time I sat down at my desk I found that even my ass was completely numb. In case you can’t tell, it’s freezing this morning in New York. Still, my half hour walk to work was a beautiful one. With every wind that blew I would simply think back to the two huge events that took place yesterday and it didn’t seem so cold.

First, the Eagles beat the Giants in a stressful, back and forth, smashmouth game. Seriously, after such a long season that was seemingly in the trash a few weeks ago, to see them persevere and make it to the NFC Championship game is a gift. Never mind the serious flack I got from Bed, Bath & Beyond employees when they noticed my Eagles hat and jersey, it’s a good time to be a Philly sports fan.

Second…Springsteen took home the Golden Globe! That’s right! Bruce Springsteen won the best original song for a movie (The Wrestler), which I saw last week. It’s an excellent movie that shows that sometimes, sadly, the self in self worth can screw things up for everyone. A must see, but be prepared to reflect on the characters and maybe not be so happy for the rest of the night.

See, I wrote this whole piece without thinking about my walk. Sometimes that happens.

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One thought on “The Road to Victory (1.12.09)

  1. Paula says:

    Yeah for the Boss!
    Boo for the Eagles!

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