A Note from the Dead (1.14.09)

There is a sign outside of St. Luke’s Chapel on Hudson Street in the West Village that I find fascinating. St. Lukes is New York City’s third oldest church (St. Paul’s and St. Mark’s in the Bowery are the oldest). The sign is very un-churchy and yet it transmits values and emotions in a very powerful way. The letters have faded.  Age has tarnished what was once clean. But if you the take the time to read it (uncover it more like it), the feeling is timeless, like the old citizens of New York are speaking to you.
 St. Thomas Church

St. Luke's Chapel

Here’s what it says: The Old Village Church of Greenwich Village, Built 1822.

Friends, this village church
Open stands for thee.
Thou mayest enter, think
Kneel and pray.
Remember whence thou art
And what must be.
Thine end. Remember us.
Then go thy way.

Ooh, I just caught a chill.

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2 thoughts on “A Note from the Dead (1.14.09)

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Very cool. People were a lot more pragmatic about death back then, it was much more a part of daily life. People generally died at home, not in cold, clinical hospitals surrounded by beeping electronics. Death wasn’t so feared, although still unwelcome when it came calling too soon. Mememto mori.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Oops, “Memento mori”.

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