Hoboken Burgers? (1.15.09)

On snowy days like this one, where the chill turns your fingers numb in mere minutes, or when I’m running late, I hop on the Path train at 23rd Street and head towards New Jersey. I get off at Christopher Street, the last stop in Manhattan, yet I feel a strong connection with “the dirty Jers.” Maybe it’s the proximity – just 6 minutes to Hoboken. Or maybe it’s the gum that I stepped in a while back, chewed possibly by a Harrison teen on her way to the Rockband Live concert at the Prudential Center.

This morning, however, I saw a poster that made me question the Path and New Jersey in general.

Path Sign
Path Sign

“And you haven’t had a beer and a burger until you’ve had one in Hoboken,” it reads.

Really, guys? Is that the case?  What is it about Hoboken that makes the beer taste better?  Where is one going to have these life-changing burgers?

Help me out here people of New Jersey.

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3 thoughts on “Hoboken Burgers? (1.15.09)

  1. jerseyrules says:

    We wouldn’t expect stuck up New Yorkers to understand that anything could possibly taste better outside of the perfect bubble of Manhattan. Arthur’s has unbelievable burgers and beers. If you allow yourself to open your mind a bit you might come to that realization as well.

  2. Jill says:

    This is a good lesson in copywriting that nobody edited.

  3. Gina says:

    I don’t think a closed mind is the problem. Clearly he has the intention to learn more about the great beer and burgers of New Jersey. Marc – cross the river and judge for yourself! 🙂

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