Change Your Mind (1.21.09)

This is actually my second post of the day. The first came in the early hours of the morning when the horrendous sounds of jackhammering were beating their way into my apartment. It was one in the morning, and then two in the morning and I was still awake. I wrote this post then went to outside to see who was doing the work and go to Lyric Diner to maybe clear my head.

It was the Department of Environmental Protection and they were working like crazy. How could I be mad at people that are working at all hours to protect our environment?  I walked two blocks to Lyric Diner and got a cup of decaf. I spoke with the head waiter, exchanging pleasantries and then sharing my story of the drilling taking place just a block and a half away.

“I work at night, so I have to deal with that everyday,” the man said. It turns out he’s worked the night shift at Lyric for the past four years and sleeps everyday with a pair of earplugs to deaden the sounds of your typical New York City day.

“Somedays it works,” he says, “Some days it doesn’t.”

I was thinking about this on my walk this morning. And when I passed a newsbox on 23rd and 6th to see President Obama on the cover it struck me that the change that will help America most in these times is in our thoughts, in our intentions.

Our forefathers didn’t sacrifice everything, accept the label of traitors, and build a country through the physical. It was the mental shift in thought that took them the distance.

I had to put up with one night of lost sleep. That’s nothing compared to 4 years. Maybe the last 8 years will be nothing compared to the next hundred. It’s all in how you look at it.

President Obama and Michelle

President Obama and Michelle

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One thought on “Change Your Mind (1.21.09)

  1. gcap says:

    wow buddy, how philosophical! looks like you need some sleep…

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