Does it pay to take a cab in New York? (2.3.09)

What do you get when you find a ten dollar bill in your pants’ pocket and walk outside to find it snowing? That’s right, you get a taxi cab to work!  This is the first time in over a year that I’ve stepped inside a yellow chariot to get to work.  We set off down 3rd Ave. and when we turned right on Houston I realized why taking a cab to work isn’t always the best idea.

Traffic ahead, traffic behind, and you know what notion just crossed my mind? I should have walked. Alas, I stayed warm and finally made it to work. With tip it was $11, so only $1 over the ten I had found earlier. It was worth it.

Cabbing it to work.

Cabbing it to work.

Houston Street Traffic Jam

Houston Street Traffic Jam

Restaurants on Houston

Restaurants on Houston

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