School of the Future (2.17.09)

So when’s class?

School of the Future

School of the Future

School of the Future is found on 22nd Street in between Lexington and Park. As the name suggests, they are an innovative 6-12 school where students are graded on their portfolio and various exhibitions.

From the school’s website: “We are a CES Mentor School, a network of schools across the nation that believes in interdisciplinary curriculum and project based assessment.

Students at School of the Future graduate by portfolio and exhibitions. Portfolios are a collection of the student’s best work and exhibitions are extensively researched papers and oral presentations whereby students demonstrate that they are capable of meeting challenging standards of research: construct and answer an interesting essential question, adhere to conventions of writing, and demonstrate habits of mind (critical thinking skills).”

Sounds pretty interesting. Someday.

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One thought on “School of the Future (2.17.09)

  1. Noreen McManus says:

    Sounds great, would love to talk with a student.

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