Energy Kitchen Coming to Flatiron

A chain of healthy eating eateries called Energy Kitchen is coming to Flatiron at 18 W. 23rd Street. It’s between 5th and 6th.  They don’t sell caffeine infused turkey sandwiches or xenadrine cocktails, but everything on the menu is under 500 calories and never fried.

According to their website, Energy Kitchen offers a variety of foods that you may find elsewhere, only here they are in extra healthy form. Take the Energy Burger for example. This generally greasy, globby goodness can now be made using much leaner bison meat, three egg whites, low-fat mozzarella, lettuce, tomato on a whole wheat kaiser roll. It comes in at 494 calories, just under the eatery’s limit of 500.

Energy Kitchen Coming To Flatiron

Energy Kitchen Coming To Flatiron

I’m not sure when exactly it will be open but I’ll keep you updated.
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  1. Great site. will definitely visit soon-

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