A Pie, a pint, a slice & a shot: Pizza Pub opens on 3rd

All hail the Pizza Pub!  Finally, a new pizza place has opened in Manhattan that sells BOTH pizza and booze. Best of all, it’s cheap. My walk past it on this morning’s commute brought back memories of my Saturday night. A little past one in the morning, after a few pints at the Village Pour House I walked up third, and found myself at the Pizza Pub. I just got two slices of their Margarita pizza. It was a beautiful moment.

In times like these a new place with cheap prices on pizza, $3 pints and a nice, clean atmosphere is a very welcomed addition to the neighborhood.  And the pizza is good! We’ll see if the idea sticks though. Many times the pizza is segmented from the booze. You booze, then you binge. Everything together might prove too much of a good thing, all at the same time. Pure overload. I’ll keep you posted.

The Pizza Pub on 3rd Ave.

The Pizza Pub on 3rd Ave.

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One thought on “A Pie, a pint, a slice & a shot: Pizza Pub opens on 3rd

  1. Jessica Neal says:

    YES!!!! Pizza Pub is amazing!! It has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood. My friends and I stop in regularly during the week after work for a quick bite and pint, and on the weekends fort a great place to pre-game for cheap before hitting up our other favorite neighborhood bars. I have also been known to stumble in before close at 4 am for my late night pizza fix. Their menu also offers standard bar fare like burgers, fries, wings, salads ect. Not to mention, the staff is really chill, the manager Yam is super cool, and the music is always rocking. It is by far the best deal in the neighborhood for those of us who still want to eat, drink, play and pay our bills stress-free in such a stressful economy!

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