Swine Flu Oddities

Perhaps it’s gone too far.  But then again, perhaps it hasn’t. Depending on the article, the channel, or the taxi driver, Swine Flu in NYC is either the next black plague or no worse than the regular flu. There is unfortunately, no way of knowing right now.  The prevailing handling of the situation though is that no matter what, it’s always best to be safe.  People have died.  The question remains – how safe is safe?  And when is trying to be safe actually unsafe for your reputation?

The answer: When you wear a hospital mask to a crowded New York bar only to pull it down around your neck every time you chug your beer.

Swine Floozy?

Swine Floozy?

They were a normal looking couple, really.  If it were Halloween they might have been the life of the party.  Instead, they were the only people in a bar packed to the door who wore these tiny powder blue masks. They’d pull them down, take a sip of beer, put them back up and engage in a muffled conversation with friends. Repeat until awkwardness drives others away.

Here’s a thought: if you’re really that worried about catching something then stay home next time!  If you’re trying to be funny about a virus then I’d still recommend you stay home. It’ll be safer for all of us.

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2 thoughts on “Swine Flu Oddities

  1. Kara says:

    This is classic!! I was in the Houston airport this weekend doing a little “spying” myself when I noticed a mother and father with 4 kids…the mom and dad were wearing masks however the kids were not. Interesting no doubt. I agree. Unless people are as cool as us they need to stay home.

  2. Strange to me how suddenly it’s not a hot issue anymore or at least I have not seen H1N1 in the news lately what happened?

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