For Serious and Curious NYC Commuters

If you’ve found this website while searching for legitimate NYC commuting information and are watching the hours go by sifting through each whitty, timely and life-enhancing post still wanting more commuterly info, this is your post.

Today’s focus is on, a site dedicated to commuter services for those from Eastern New Jersey schlepping into New York. While the site’s discussion forum is in dire need of interaction, the location pages appear to be complete and informative.

So, if you’re commuting to NYC from Wayne, Lincoln Park, Little Falls, Montclair, Upper Montclair or Montville, you may want to check out

Overall, this site is set up with the framework for lots of potential to help commuters voice opinions and advice. Surprisingly, the site is sponsored by, a site offering a variety of Townhouse, Condominium, Cooperatives and Planned Unit Developments in northern Jersey. You could read into it as bias, but I think the commuters voice maintains neutrality throughout.  It’s a smart move on behalf of in seeking to better service people in search of area condos and concerned about the commute.

From one commuter to another, kudos.

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One thought on “For Serious and Curious NYC Commuters

  1. Dave Sohn says:

    Thanks for the commute info links.

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