West Side Supermarket Speaks With Sushi

D’agostino Supermarket at 666 Greenwich St.in New York City’s West Village displays a robust assortment of prepackaged and deli-style goods. Their staff is as friendly as it gets, always speaking to me about new specials, the day’s weather and one worker’s obsession with CSI and David Carouso.  “Ooooh boy!” she says. “Dat David Carooooso eez faeeyn!”

But the past two days I noticed that the staff of D’agostino was speaking to me not only about their products but through their products — sushi in particular.

Good Luck sushi!

Good Luck sushi!

Monday’s sushi message was “Nice week.”  Today’s, as you can see, is “Good luck.”  Subtle niceties like these from the D’agostino staff, particularly the tiny Asian woman who hand rolls the sushi everyday, are more than welcome.  They remind me that sometimes, with all the stress of this world, we just have to stop what we’re doing, take a breath, look to our food, and read the messages written in spicy sauce. 

What’s next in the sushi wheel of fortune? What other 8-letter combinations can I expect?  Maybe tomorrow’s will say I love you. Perhaps Friday’s will say Party on!, including the exclamaition point.  What if she starts dropping me hints?  Wet floor.  And God forbid I buy my spicy tuna six pack only to see Dog meats written on top. What happens then?

If anyone has comments on this or has seen messages written in food in other locations throughout the city let me know, I’ll check it out or add it as a post.  And in the words of yesterday’s Spicy Tuna Roll, have a “Nice week.”

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5 thoughts on “West Side Supermarket Speaks With Sushi

  1. Kara Lindsey says:

    Here are some good ones (and I know how to spell correctly but must limit to 8 letters so pardon the typos:


    • marc212 says:

      If I saw any food that had “Dees Nuts” written on it I would absolutely lose it! Good one Kara.

  2. Paula says:


  3. dad says:

    Nice work for a “sushi” kind of guy.

  4. Jill says:

    Well I didn’t see this in person, but I did happen upon some fun cupcakes with writing while searching for a recipe to recreate Hostess cupcakes last weekend. I did not follow their recipe, but invented a better one myself, and they came out awesome. Sorry there were none left for you.


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