Manhattan Welcomes Fleet Week

If you’re jazzed up about fleet week then you should get yourself out to the Christopher Street pier for some unmatched views of the ships. Also, if you’re jazzed up about seeing some wacky New York characters, you may also want to visit the Christopher Street pier. Quickly, this was what I saw on my lunch break.

The annual procession of boats along the Hudson

The annual procession of boats along the Hudson

Watching the ships pass, their uniformed crew on deck and standing at attention, is a very unique sight. But, in New York, when you pull the lens back you are greeted with slightly more dynamic scenes.

Karate Chopping a Ship

Karate Chopping a Ship

Without even a blink, undisturbed by those watching, this guy went about his karate routine with wreckless abandon, chopping and kicking his way back and forth.



People wait for months for the ships to come in and for the Memorial Day celebrations.  You can see it in the actions of people like this guy, so enamored with naval history and nautical engineering, I assume, that he dressed up like a sailor to show his support.

Really likes the Navy

Realllllllly likes the Fleet Week

 And there ends a great introduction to fleet week in New York City.
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