Ticketmaster Security Phrases = Hipster Band Name Generator

Massive additional charges, long waits and incurably frustrating customer service.

Now, Ticketmaster can be known for something different — potential band name generation.  To block spammers from screwing with their system Ticketmaster, like many other websites, has instituted a phrase box. Squiggly words pop up and you have to type them in to prove you’re a unique user and not an algorithmic spammer.

As I tried to purchase Bruce Springsteen at Giants Stadium tickets today I noticed that my security phrase had a ring to it. 1,000 Grasps. Kind of catchy, right? — a name for a band you’d expect to find playing at 1 am at an East Village underground bar. Something edgy. Something inspirational. Lots of bass.

The online wait for tickets said 15 minutes, so I clicked off and tried again. (This is NOT the recommended way to use Ticketmaster online). In my following attempts to buy tickets I was greeted with such gems as Wrote Patton, Rashers Current, Loving Cherubic and Months Pi.

My favorite, Mongers Aria, I imagined as a group of cheese and fish vendors inspired by Andrea Boccelli.  Party’s Clerks would be a simple but energetic band — three chords, a bouncy stage show, thin ties and under-sized blazers. Then there was Yuletide Law, presumably on the bill to represent the seasonal rock crowd. The last phrase/hipster band name to pop up before I realized I was waisting my lunch (and my life) away was Call Crete, a band I’m sure will soon dominate the Greek college scene.

Thank you Ticketmaster. I don’t have my Springsteen tickets, but if I ever form a hipster band I know where to go for our name.

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One thought on “Ticketmaster Security Phrases = Hipster Band Name Generator

  1. Becca says:

    Yesterday I possibly ranted on twitter more about hating Ticketmaster than any other time. And I also came away with no tickets. Love the band name idea though.

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