W Hotel, New York City: One Sweet Terrace

Whoever designed the Penthouse Suite at the W Hotel at 541 Lexington Avenue in New York City is definitely a fan of the outdoors. Why else would he include a terrace so big it would make most New Yorkers weep with envy?  With a Rat Pack meets Mediterranean prince decor, this wrap around corner terrace is so expansive and cool it’s a shame more people don’t get to experience it. This summer though, you can.

A terrace designed for loungin.

A terrace designed for loungin'.

On Sunday nights from 6-10pm all the way through Labor Day, the W Hotel will allow regular old Joes and Janes to chill out and enjoy drinks and bottle service on this high class balcony of balconies. Participants are still required to reserve a space in advance. Email wny.summersundays@whotels.com to set up a date. RSVPs are required. (I have not participated, but got to see the room through a guest.)

If the lounge chairs weren't hip enough...

If the lounge chairs weren't hip enough...

The Venetian inspired corner is only a portion of the terrace though, for some outdoor entertainment one simply has to turn the corner to find the pool table. Yes. Pool table. I can only imagine how many people use it as a drink holder and nothing more.

View Uptown on Lexington from W Hotel Terrace

View Uptown on Lexington from W Hotel Terrace

And what would a Penthouse terrace be without a view?  A patio.  Remember the scene in Wayne’s World where Wayne and Garth step out onto the producer Benjamin’s (Rob Lowe) balcony and are completely taken by the view? Well, the terrace at the W Hotel is a “fully functional babe lair,” no qualms about it.  And it’s not just a view you get, but a feeling. Upon stepping out of the ultra modern room and into the throws of midtown, you feel so free and hip that you can’t help but act cooler than your broken umbrella and subway ticket home say you should be. It’s as if you’re thrust onto a movie set and have the freedom to play a part that, whether it’s really you or not, is of no importance. Recession? What recession? I can see the Chrysler Building from here!

For more information on the W Hotel, click here. The information for the summer terrace Sundays was found at hotelchatter.com, a very comprehensive site with interesting write ups and helpul perspectives.

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One thought on “W Hotel, New York City: One Sweet Terrace

  1. Vinnie says:

    Marc…these are some awesome shots. I especially like the shot from the W Hotel Terrace. Was this picture taken with your D40? Slow shutter speed, higher aperture setting…what about your ISO setting? Later sweetness.

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