I Spy a Craigslist NYC Scam

It’s not news that there are scams on Craigslist. But the types of scams are ever evolving. I recently checked out an apartment ad, emailed the link, and received this letter in response:


Hello  Marc Cappelletti,
In an unbelievable location, on “Main Street, Greenwich Village,” 350 Bleecker is the only full service,laundry, elevator building in the townhouse quadrant of the West Village.
A large bedroom, great closets throughout, new bathroom, through-the-wall A/Cs and low maintenance complete luxury living in this home.Also the newly renovated lobby serves as an art gallery.The price for this Classic 1 bedroom apartment still remains $1320.
Moreso, I am  sure ready to lease out the apartment for a long term at a monthly fee of $1320
My husband and i are in search for a responsible and God fearing Tenants.This apartment is solely owned by my husband and i .However,if you are a single parent or married,you should not accomodate more than three  children as this will not be acceptable to us. Do bear with us on this issue…
You should be informed that we are a bit careful about who we are leasing out our apartment to.Inotherwords,we could be quite selective but we apologize if it seems to be rather strict. The apartment is in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures attached herein.
If indeed you want to take this place then you have the responsibility of making us understand that you are suitable and the perfect tenant for the place.
The furniture,fitting and indeed the entire apartment will be your full responsibility to take proper care of, an agreement to this regard will be done by our lawyers.We cleared the apartment for renovation in February and have not been in New York due to business engagements here in UK which by all indications will keep us tied down here for about 7years as our business is on contract basis.
Let us also know some personal details about you like if you have or like pets, if you are single, your hobbies and why you want to take the apartment?
It is therefore your responsibility to prove to us that you are the right person to whom we should hand over our property.
Upon your next reponse, we shall proceed with other modalities.

Be Good and Thank you.
Ashley Wilcox

If you can get past the fact that there simply are NO $1,320 1BR apartments in the West Village then the “God fearing” bit should send up a big red flag. Not to mention I don’t know anyone who would actually use the word “modalities” in a sentence and tell me to “be good” and makes mention of lawyers after one email. There were just too many things to list with this response that make it absolutely bunk.

A quick call to the building manager and this was officially deemed a scam.

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