Stop and Smell the Wi-Fi

Pants and flowers give us oxygen. They give us food and smells and something pretty to gaze at in moody, self-reflective moments. Now, in the public space at 23rd and Broadway, they also give us Wi-Fi. That’s right, Toyota Prius has graced NYC with a traveling exhibit of 18-foot plastic daisies that use solar cells to generate the energy for cell phone and laptop charging, along with wireless internet. I wonder if they’ll let me plug in my desktop?

Stop and Smell the Technology

Stop and Smell the Technology

Unfortunately, I believe today is the last day for the daisies, as the exhibit (ultimately promoting the third generation of the Prius) is moving on to Chicago.

Finally, something cool to photograph.

Finally, something cool to photograph in Flatiron.

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One thought on “Stop and Smell the Wi-Fi

  1. Jill says:

    Excellent work with your aperture priority mastering. I am following your development of each of these features, as I am just not catching on to all the damn buttons.

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