Robert Holy Moses there are a ton of people at this beach!

Take the second sunny ninety two degree day in a row in New York. The first all summer.  And 8.3 million New Yorkers looking to escape the heat, and you have to figure at least some of them are going to show up at Robert Moses State Park Beach. I just didn’t figure on the billion it felt like. All in all, a nice, expansive beach with a few less neck chain tan lines than Long Beach and a food shack with every greasy treat your heart desires. (Although the cashier working our line would often pull a fry out of a person’s order and eat it as she picked it off the heater. She did it with a chicken finger too.)

Robert Moses Beach (photo from parks website)

Robert Moses Beach on a calm day (photo from parks website)

And an aside to the folks at Prestige Car Rental, who basically said, “We don’t have the Honda you reserved, but here, take this dirty, dented, white, child abductor full size cargo van with no windows or seats instead” — not cool, guys. Not cool.

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3 thoughts on “Robert Holy Moses there are a ton of people at this beach!

  1. Jill says:

    One word: zipcar

  2. GC says:

    I’m not convinced that this beach beats Wildwood, NJ in availability of fried foods and sand space.

  3. jesse says:

    I concur.. I was one of those who looked forward for awhile to a day off at the beach and pined for a serene day on a beautiful [long] island beach. My zipcar card in hand, off I went. En route, I decided on RM given traffic and delay. I thought it wiser to opt for easy access and more sun/surf time than the delay of taking a ferry to points farther, but had that sinking feeling upon sight of the sea. The sea in this case was the gleaming roofs of cars in the parking lot. After less than two hours of really loud recounts of last night’s bar experiences, footballs landing close nearby, and too many “hey, where didja put da post?” not to mention a scummy water day, I had my fill. Next time–watch hill.

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