Hidden Field Complex at Pier 40

Brick building. Terminal. Pier. Boring.  NOT SO FAST!  Take one look inside the West Village’s Pier 40 and you’ll rethink every old, creepy pier you’ve ever come across. You’ll find yourself moving oil barrels aside, peering through rusty shed doors and leaning on pilings thinking, is there a soccer field in here? At Pier 40, there is, and it’s an awesome project. For the full report, check out this 2005 article from The Villager. And Click here to learn about Pier 40 and the US Soccer Foundation.

Soccer Game at Pier 40 Sports Complex

Soccer Game at Pier 40 Sports Complex

During the day the field is generally empty, and the soft turf service is perfect for running. Anyone up for a little office lunchtime workout?

Office Lunchtime Workout (By I Spy NYC Guest Photographer, David Vargas)

Office Lunchtime Workout (Photo by I Spy NYC guest photographer, David Vargas)

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One thought on “Hidden Field Complex at Pier 40

  1. Piper says:

    That’s where my boss parks his car! The lot overlooks the soccer field and is quite impressive, especially if you didn’t know it was there.

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