Pat LaFrieda says “Eat my meat.”

Usually, when one comes across a cut of meat, or even a sign for meat, he thinks, “Meat? I eat that stuff.”  To trim away any possible confusion when faced with a thick, juicy rib eye or a chicken wing, wholesale meat purveyor Pat La Frieda has a sign that is sure to help. Eat the damn thing!



It seems that every New York publication and “you got to try this” website has come across Pat’s wholesale meats at one time or another. The company has a long standing history in New York City, and I’m sure that they offer nice product. Over 400 of the city’s restaurants seem to think so. And the coolest thing about Pat LaFrieda Wholesale Meats is that it’s located at the corner of Washington St. and Pat LaFrieda Lane. How cool is that?  His own street in New York! How can you not eat his meat?

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