Morning and Night, Best for Photos in NYC

Early morning or night, shooting in Manhattan is always more fun. I took most of these while exploring with Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic photo specialist Michael Nolan. Check out his amazing wildlife images on his website,

Times Square

Cloudy Morning View From Jersey

Downtown Colors (as shot)

Six AM Rain

Glass Leaves

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3 thoughts on “Morning and Night, Best for Photos in NYC

  1. lovebug35 says:

    awesome shots.. especially the second and third ones

  2. Aloha Marc,

    I absolutely LOVE the fall foliage with the broken glass, it is so surreal! That glass could be hail or ice. I think the image also sums up the balance of nature and man in the big city. Keep up the great work!

    Inspiring people to care about the world in which they live…

    We should all be so lucky!

    – Michael

  3. Tim says:


    Morning and evening are really the best times in NY. Such amazing colours. Love the photos – especially the last two. The leaf and the glass make such a striking contrast.


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