The West Village’s Best Kept Morning Secret

I’m sitting here in the Path Cafe in NYC’s West Village. If you exit the Christopher Street Path train station and turn right you can’t miss it. It’s so close my seat rumbles every time a train passes underneath. The place has free internet, decent coffee, average-price but tasty soups and paninis.  I just finished a delicious breakfast sandwich with fluffed egg whites, sauteed spinach and melted low-fat Swiss cheese on a 7-grain roll.  The best part — I’m the only one here.

I do a lot of writing. And, when you live in a Smart Car-sized apartment, you need to find good places to clear your head and write.  I’ve tried Starbucks, and I continue to try Starbucks all over the city. But, oh my God are those places busy and noisy and becoming scenes more and more each day.  So far, the Starbucks at 18th and Park is the only one where I’ve churned out more than a paragraph without spazzing.  There’s a Starbucks just three blocks from where I sit now and I bet it’s packed. I’ve tried to write there often before work only to get so frustrated that I leave and end up at work early. Can you think of anything worse?

Why aren’t there more people here? Maybe it’s because the restroom is for customers only.  Bruce, the man behind the counter, is a nice guy.  For the few people that have come in, he knows what they want before they finish, even remembering that one woman eats her bagel with tomato, cream cheese and “hot sauce.”  And the music is good too.  It’s chill.  Bob Marly’s “Stir it Up” is playing as the sun peaks over the roof of a building on Hudson and Christopher. Life is good at the Path Cafe. I just hope it’s good for the owners too.  I’d like this place to stick around for a while.

The Path Cafe – 131 Christopher St. NY, NY

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4 thoughts on “The West Village’s Best Kept Morning Secret

  1. dad says:

    Sounds good and I bet it’s less expensive than the Renaissance Hotel ($280.00 including tip for brunch for 8!!!)
    Let’s hit the Path Cafe next time. Only you natives would know about such a well kept secret.
    We tourists are like lambs to the slaughter.

  2. Jill says:

    I went in once when they first opened and thought the prices a little spendy.

  3. cityofstrangers says:

    Hi Marc,

    Finding a good cafe to write in in the mornings is definitely getting harder and harder. I still write with pen and paper (imagine!), and find it hard to concentrate with cell phones around – so that about rules out most cafes, most of the time.

    Starbucks can still be okay. You have to find a big one, where you can get a seat away from the madding horde. The World Financial Centre on the weekends has lots of quiet places as well. I’ll go have a look at the Path when I’m in the neighborhood, which isn’t often . . .


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