The Faces of the East River

So I’ve been on a little bit of an East River kick.  I walk over at sunrise.  I swing by on my bike after work, when the sun has set.  Did you know it was once known as the Sound River?  Gives it a pretty different feel, right?  Timing does the same thing.  Mid day, it’s an industrial highway, with ferries and barges crisscrossing all 16 miles. But in the morning and evening one can find magic in the water and light.  

Here’s the raw shot without any post processing. (Taken at 20th street, the same spot as yesterday’s blog photo. You’ll see what I mean about different feel. )

But then there is sunrise, my favorite time to be on the river.

As the sun rises, it casts a million different hues on the water. Each minute a different sensation.

I’m not the only one here.  Near Chinatown and the Manhattan Bridge, women do Tai Chi to wake up, find center in a chaotic place, and celebrate the day ahead. All is at peace.

Still, life stirs.  Commuters drive and take public transportation across bridges firmly rooted in the deepest depths of the river.

This is the destination.

Manhattan.  Brooklyn. Queens.  And although the boroughs are nothing but steel and cement, they wouldn’t be the same without…

The East River.

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One thought on “The Faces of the East River

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