Google Introduces Bicycle Routes in NYC

Anyone who follows this blog may know by now that I love riding my bike through New York City. Even though I ride nearly every day, I still find myself going down streets ill suited for bikes and second guessing routes. Now, Google has added a Beta Bicycle layer to it’s Maps (they seriously think of everything), so cyclists and map out routes ahead of time. If you’re new to riding in the city or are going somewhere far you should definitely consult the map. Unfortunately, there’s no mobile version yet (or that I can read about), but it is planned. Also, tandem bikes don’t count in this layer, and Segway users will also have to wait for respect from the online map route community.

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One thought on “Google Introduces Bicycle Routes in NYC

  1. Nyc Psychic says:

    these routes are great for long rides. man google thinks of everything

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