Does Everyone Have to Run Because It’s Spring?

My alarm went off at 5:52 this morning. The goal: be out on the East River for sunrise to take some photos. But man, the sun is popping up earlier and earlier these days. My viewfinder was still looking blurring to my morning eyes. Within minutes I was surrounded by crazy people, these swift and agile gazelles hurling their bodies along the East River Greenway.

Every shot I lined up, every scene and angle, had runners cutting in and out.  So I embraced it. And, putting them in the shots burns calories, I think.

And of course, a good time was had by all.

Download the waterfront map here.

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47 thoughts on “Does Everyone Have to Run Because It’s Spring?

  1. happysole says:

    Including the runners gave more character to the photographs. =) if that burned calories, i think i’ll look for them in my area too!

  2. Tracy says:

    yes, everyone does have to run because it’s spring. even more, they have to run in really short shorts!

    neat photos.

  3. Heidi says:

    Oh, the runners have always been around. Its just that the semi-sane ones head indoors for winter running! Besides, what better way to really experience spring that with a morning run!?

  4. dancingirja says:

    Yes, spring makes everyone run around. Just like fitness studios are packed after Christmas. After a month or two of working out half of them seem to stop/give up though. I’ll stay behind the camera and leave the running to someone else. I’ll gladly work out in other ways, but jogging was never my favourite.

  5. Kris says:

    NYC sure looks beautiful (and healthy!!) in the morning. Love your blog!

  6. commanuelle says:

    Hy !
    Nice pics. In France, we’ve got to deal with the same mad runners everywhere !… (I live near the Forêt de Fontainebleau – upperclass area : people take care of them)…
    And it’s quite boring when you don’t like sport anyway !

  7. slamdunk says:

    Great shots. I think that most of the motivated runners will disappear by June.

  8. Nice pics and yes, everybody is out running when its sunny. In fact I’ll go biking in the next little bit, what a wonderful day it is. Clear skies and the big orange in the sky smiling.

  9. bearie23 says:

    Lovely photos, and I like how you captured the runner with the flowers in the corner. I just adore spring flowers!

  10. grubbygirl says:

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  11. Haha, so many runners!! Looks like you should get up earlier…

  12. The people you see running in the morning are highly motivated people… I remember when we had dust storms here in Sydney and even then, they were up and about.
    Spring gives them an even better reason to run and you have others who join in the fun….
    I have tried it as well, but did not last 😦

  13. CaryHugs says:

    I wonder if they noticed you taking photographs of them. LOL

    Great photos by the way 🙂

  14. jessiepeace says:

    Even in England I think there is more runners. I have even debated it myself.

  15. Tia* says:

    putting them in the shots burn claorie>that made me laugh a bit. Loved the pictures, makes me wish I had a camera again. Great photos and great blog. -Tia*

  16. achilliad says:

    No everyone doesn’t have to RUN…for those of us who CYCLE, the runners are a happy amusement, especially if we USED to run/jog. Great shots of NYC!!

  17. Mark Portlock says:

    I agree, nice pictures!

    But just because you have split second images of humans in motion does not affect your calorie intake.

  18. I love the flowers….Does anybody know what to do about flat feet? Gets in the way of running long distances. I hear ballet dancers struggle with flat feet towards the end of a career. Help. Thanks

  19. Blue Ringo says:

    I would like to run too surrounded by flowers!

  20. In Swedish, “spring” actually means “run”. Or rather “run!”.

  21. The signs of spring… the tulips come up, the convertibles are dusted off, and the runners are out.

  22. […] Does Everyone Have to Run Because It’s Spring? from I Spy NYC – This post is all about running in New York. […]

  23. codebreaker8086 says:

    nice blog

  24. tulum says:

    I, my friend, am not one of them – 5.30 am does not exist for me…prefering to hurl myself out of bed at the last possible minute, scramble to work. Now after work I’ll have a run, and also a couple of beers…got to keep it real.

  25. Jonas says:

    Great pictures, they really catch that spring time sensation..

  26. Everyone’s started jogging in Vancouver in the mornings, everywhere. Especially a fan of the first two photos and the last one.

  27. Vy Duong says:

    I really like your pictures. They all look really pretty.

  28. Jessica says:

    Thank you for those beautiful shots… makes me miss NYC soooo much!

  29. TK says:

    I love this post! These are my people you have captured on film. Thank you. Though these are dedicated runners, there are the nutters among us (myself included) who run outside all throughout the year. You should have seen all the runners that were in Central Park the day after that big snowstorm in December.

  30. me! says:

    Personally, I prefer running in the winter – Spring and summer just gets too hot for me.

    PS – Great pics!

  31. saleblan says:

    I’m a runner and can say that…yes…the nice weather brings us out. And it’s a nice change from the icy cold winter. 😉

  32. ellysuryani says:

    Nice post. Nice pictures too.

  33. nemurichan says:

    Really great photos! Spring’s even come to Norway! It makes everyone happy and makes even me want to run around!

    I wake up at 05:20 each morning just to take the train to school, and you’ve probably given me the best idea ever! I’m gonna take good pictures! And I don’t think the runners will bother me that early:)

    But, yeah. Everyone runs, and I’l try to take a picture of them to just to burn som easy calories (that was a wonderful tip)!

    Love your blog! ❤

  34. Alice says:

    I love your photos 🙂
    pro photography skills

  35. Nirmik says:

    I love it around

  36. Nargilek says:

    Nice pictures. I would like to run.

  37. Miriam says:

    As someone who runs outside all winter long I sometimes get annoyed with these fair weather runners. The ones who are only outside because it’s a nice day out. At the same time I should be happy when people strive for fitness. Nice pictures.

  38. TaleTellerin says:

    If photographing runners burns calories, then I’ll try the same with bikers. Great. Thanks for the advice. 😉

  39. Goodie Girl says:

    Everyone needs to get ready for the summer bikini bodies! LOL… actually I tend to not run outside in spring due to pollen.

    • Marc Cappelletti says:

      Don’t get me started on the pollen Goodie Girl! I have Claritin in my camera bag!
      P.S. Good luck with the blog. I love the layout and it made me hungry just reading!

  40. Meredith says:

    I recently came across your blog after searching through wordpress blogs for ideas for my own blog. I absolutely love your photos and your perspective of the greatest city in the world – especially this post of runners and spring. What camera do you use? Keep up great posts!

  41. lostneedle says:

    Ahhh, the crazy early sunday morning joggers are definately the craziest, I laugh at them on my way home from work.
    Crazy people, if no one is chasing you and you’re not late for an important appointment, there is no need to move faster than gentle walk!

  42. Carlo says:

    Keep on runnin’

  43. Ugh, runners are not cool. But your photos are lovely : )

  44. clairela says:

    haha I used to be a crazy NYC runner in Riverside park. I remember one time I ran around in Central Park around the reservoir, and it fell dark before I was halfway home. Realizing I was in Central Park in short-shorts with no phone or money at night inspired me to spring all the way home! lol! Great city to run in, even better to photograph it all! Thanks for the great post.

  45. unforgivens says:

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