Friends in New York City

New York is a playground of activity. If you have the cash, or even if you don’t, you can always find about a thousand things to do each night.  But most times, the best times, are spent with friends in quiet moments.  Just being.  Taking it all in.  And capturing the moment in a photograph.

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4 thoughts on “Friends in New York City

  1. Erica says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at how you got the perfect timing for this shot!
    …and ‘just being’ is pretty perfect too.

    • Marc Cappelletti says:

      Thanks Erica! I stood there for a while just watching them play around. Then it was perfect, they sat down and started taking pictures. I had two practices then timed this one. Worked!

  2. chicfuschia says:

    love your blog, the photos are beautiful…me from indonesia want to visit NY end of this month, had to read this!!

  3. Goodie Girl says:

    This is life’s greatest gift. TO just enjoy the Earth and friendships that it has to offer. And it is amazing you can capture that with a picture to remember forever.


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