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Happy Earth Day in New York City

Happy Earth Day from New York City!

I took this yesterday during a quick pass through Central Park. Rain was on the horizon, but with the clouds came the greenness of Central Park. Consider it your green Earth Day gift. Now what can we give New York City for Earth Day?

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Make Way For Goslings (NYC style)

I had followed these geese up and down the river for about twenty minutes.  They were moving in a tight pack. (Do geese travel in packs when they’re not flying? Ok, flock.)  I was the “one man wolf pack” looking like a crazy person who gets angry when geese don’t do what he wants.  Finally, they spread out in a line and it was a beautiful sight. All in a row, it added some serenity to the evening.

Also, just after I took this shot, Julian, yesterday’s blog post, came up to me. All in all another fun evening of shooting and taking in all that I could spy in this great city.

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