Another East River Evening

Growing up I remember mentions of the East River on the news or sitcoms to be, let’s just say negative. Now that I live in New York, I have an entirely different view.  Yes, times have changed.  The city is a safer place, which is a huge factor.  But if you already read my “Faces of the East River” post a while back, you’ll know, it can simply be the way you view the river that makes the difference.  This is a beautiful and inspiring stretch of New York.  The night time joggers, the strollers, the gazers and the ones who just don’t want to go home just yet, we all find something in the river that changes us, that gives us a new idea or triggers a memory, if for only a brief moment.  I hope these photos do the same for you.

East river new york city

(This shot was just featured on Check them out. Top notch!)

east river new york city

* For the photographers out there, I don’t do HDR. These are all single shots adjusted only for normal color and tone. Everything else is in camera white balance and a trusty flashlight that I used for the first time to add light to the rocks/wood while taking long exposures.

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3 thoughts on “Another East River Evening

  1. SaucyB says:

    stunning! always a pleasure to see what you’re shooting.

  2. commanuelle says:

    I really like your pics !

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