The Biggest, Baddest Lamb Spit in Manhattan

Ok, I’m not absolutely certain about that claim, but the lamb spit/creation/work of glorious art that spins at Yatagan Kebab House in the West Village is certainly a sight to behold.  Especially when it’s being cut by a guy with a full-on sword!  This McDougal Street shop is one of my favorites.  From the random wall decorations (brick, a newspaper clipping, and a pair of antlers) to the copper top tables, this place is a legit “what the what?” of New York eateries. (It’s ok to steal lines from 30 Rock, right?) 

The standard falafel sandwich is plenty big and at $2.50, pretty much the best deal in town.   Smother some cucumber sauce, some other stuff, lettuce, tomato, onion and you’re good to go.  For an extra buck you can put a heaping glob of hummus in the pita pocket sandwich. Beware the hot sauce though. It’s a killer.

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2 thoughts on “The Biggest, Baddest Lamb Spit in Manhattan

  1. paula says:

    The collar and the meat are off and poppin’!

  2. rocky says:

    how’d that collar ever get a crease in it?

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