Morning Clouds and More On the East River

I spent another early morning out on the East River today. The clouds were billowing up and down the skyline in all shapes, shades and patterns. Some grew straight up.  Some lay flat.  Others dotted the glow of morning against a background of gray. Altogether, it was a beautiful way to start the day on a river that gets a lot of flack for it’s “lack of beauty.”  Well, maybe these photos (and those from other posts) will help people come to check out the waterway and care for it.

And I had to find some way to make the ConEdison building look kind of quasi ok-ish. In doing so I found that graffiti really pops in the morning light.

There were some lone birds nibbling on whatever scraps they could find.  Then, they gather for flight. It reminded me of Henry Beston’s classic nature memoir, The Outermost House, where he says this of the birds on Cape Cod, “Birds which have been feeding yards away from each other, each one individually busy for his individual body’s sake, suddenly fuse into this new volition and, flying, rise as one, coast as one, tilt their dozen bodies as one, and as one wheel off on the course which the new group will has determined.”

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3 thoughts on “Morning Clouds and More On the East River

  1. Artswebshow says:

    these shots are incredible

  2. brooklynpix says:

    Nice pictures. Seemed to rain every time I tried to take some!


  3. Colleen says:

    really pretty shots

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