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Brooklyn Bridge Therapy

Man, it’s been a while. Two full months without a blog.  But Saturday night I had the camera, I had the tripod, and I made the time to get out and explore. In this city “exploring” doesn’t have to mean places you’ve never been before. Building after building, store after store, character after bizarre, intriguing or cover model character change. And there’s just so much of everything that whether it’s your second visit or seventieth, you’ll always see something new. Especially if you set out with a clear head.

Looking south from the on ramp

There’s something about the holiday season that is stressful.  For some it’s family.  For others it may be the year-end work crunch, the struggle to get everything done while office mates take their last remaining days of vacation and minds are generally elsewhere (where they should be). Others may just hate the cold.

The classic bridge shot. You have to take it.

I’m never one for touristy activities.  So why the Brooklyn Bridge?  I make an exception for this reason: it’s awesome.  As I walked along, admittedly in a bit of a fog, the flashes of cameras caught my attention. Groups of friends, families and sometimes just solo travelers snapped photos of each other and then poured over the viewfinder to see what they’d captured. Everyone was smiling, joking, and, in some cases, genuinely overwhelmed by the emotions stirred by standing on this historic bridge and behaving like children.  Though some were just shivering.  Their energy was infectious and soon I found myself dropping any anxiety over the side of the bridge. Not only was I lucky to be where I was, but to witness what for some was a once in a lifetime experience is special as well.  I’d walked only 25 minutes or so from my apartment and was standing on the spot people had traveled across state lines and even oceans to get to. (We pay exorbitant rents for location, convenience, right?)

Looking north from the on-ramp

I saw the awe in their faces, and it quickly restored the awe that I’ve felt for this city.  The awe that has taken a back seat to work and life and planning and self-enforced pressure to excel. Then I, as I recommend to anyone in New York, just stood back and took it all in — with camera in hand, of course.

At the 4,5,6 Brooklyn Bridge Subway Stop

Looking north from the on-ramp

Brooklyn Bridge

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