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New York City Snowtography

If you made it out of your apartment this morning you probably noticed that, in between awkward slips and hesitant steps, everyone was taking photos of the snow.  It’s a pretty snow (for now).  The kind that clings to tree branches and accents buildings like icing on gingerbread houses.  Great for photography.  In some places, it was actually more difficult to navigate around the photographers than the snow banks. Yes, I was one of those people slowing down your commute.  Hopefully these shots give you enough reason to forgive me for clogging the sidewalks…

Winter Serenity in Gramercy Park

Snow Paparazzi Line Up to Shoot Madison Square Park

Mine is Bigger.


No way, dude.

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New York City – Become Your Dream

In this city, even a pile of trash can be inspiring. Who wrote this? Why did they write it? What thoughts does it trigger in those walking by? What are their dreams? 

What a great thing to come across on an average, every day, run of the mill commute.

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Favorite New York City Photos of 2010

This weekend I went through all of the photos I’ve taken this year. Way more than I thought. In fact I can’t believe how many it is, yet still feel like I’ve not even cracked the surface of New York City.  Here the ones that got the most clicks, were picked up by Gothamist and other sites, or that I just like for whatever reason. I hope you enjoy them, and would love your comments on which you like the best.

Click Here to View My Top NYC Photos of 2010 Flickr Photo Set.

And few of the shots can be purchased at my ETSY store.

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We’re not kosher. Seriously, guys. We’re NOT kosher!

I noticed a sign on the door of Chickpea on 23rd and Lexington and couldn’t help but wonder why it was that important to display a “non kosher” status. I’m a pisher when it comes to kosher diets, but it seems that unless you say you are kosher certified, most would assume that you are not.  Intrigued, I decided to research the Chickpea chain and their history with kosher oversight. The result is a saga so long and winding it needed three whole paragraphs to detail.

In January, 2009, the kosher food blog and online community cheered Chickpea for becoming kosher again. Again?  Even though the blog showed excitement for the new status (there was an exclamation point in the article title) the last sentence gives Chickpea two weeks until they convert back to just another gentile joint. It was clear — the kosher chaos had been blessed long before.

The discussion board of is riddled with Chickpea posts dating back to 2007. One visitor writes:

“Was Chickpea (the one at Astor Place) ever kosher? I thought it used to be, but when I went by there the other day there was no hashgacha…”

The real kicker comes from the home page of Koshertopia, announcing Chickpea’s new kosher certification.  The problem?  There’s no article date!  It’s on the home page so one would assume it’s new. The title even says “NEW”. Unfortunately, without knowing for certain the last time Koshertopia was updated I’m afraid I’m left wondering.  Was there some sort of shemozzle?  No matter, it doesn’t feel right.  The next time I’m out for something to nosh on, kosher or otherwise, I think I’ll choose a place more consistently focused on the needs of its customers and quality of the food.

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