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Lunchtime in the Wilds of the West Village

Even five minutes in the little park at the Church of St. Luke at lunch is a great break to the day. Somehow time in nature is stretched to feel longer than time away from nature.



Beautiful Evening on the East Side

So the west side of Manhattan gets the sunsets. I’m fine with that. I can deal.  Especially on nights like tonight when the setting sun illuminates the clouds over the East River.  I was running after work and had to stop to snap a few shots. Thank you, iPhone and hipstamatic!  A couple treatments, so tell me which one you like best.

Click each to see larger files.

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Dekalb Market in Brooklyn

Proof that salvaged shipping containers can be used for more than just shipping and containing. I’m not really sure if anyone was out to prove it before, but, well, there’s no denying it now. Good food, beer, and very cool store spaces inside the containers.
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Brooklyn Bridge Stroll

A great idea shared by, oh, ten thousand other people. Still, a special way to start the weekend.

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Cool Building in the West Village

Who wouldn’t want to live in an ivy-covered building in the heart of the West Village?  This one is at 11th and Greenwich.  Pretty awesome.


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Weird Gristedes Sign

I walked into Gristedes to find this sign on the door and then again inside near the stacks of baskets. Although the phrase is virtually owned by Seth Myers and Amy Poehler, “Really, Gristedes?” How many ways can you apologize for a typographical error by replacing it with a grammattical one? Were masses of peach and strawberry loving customers complaining about the sign? How bad is the error? “Three strawberries for $wehatepuppies”?

Idea: just change the original peaches and strawberries sign. We wouldn’t have known.

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