Daily Archives: September 21, 2011

Yankees Stadium – Watch Out for Bats and Balls

My dad and I were enjoying the Yankees/Rays game tonight when he noticed this sign on the back of the seat. “Be alert for bats and/or balls.”  Bats?  We were in the middle deck in right field!  Even Sammy Sosa at his most roided out condition couldn’t wing a corked bat within a mile of our section. If they shot the bat out of a hot dog canon it would barely make it past the $1,000 reach-out-and-grab-a-player seats.  I guess they saved some cash by printing all the same sign.

After joking about the sign for a minute or two we went back to watching the game. It was an OK game.  Pretty slow.  Then a Beer Man came out of nowhere and hit me with a bat.  I should have been more alert.

Fan on the lookout for stray Louisville Sluggers .

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