About I Spy NYC

Welcome to I Spy NYC. I’m Marc Cappelletti and this is a New York City blog documenting my daily commute to work through Gramercy, Greenwich Village and the West Village. Everyday on my way to work, or returning home, I walk with the sense that I’m going to see something – a store, a stand, a person, a sign, anything – that will make me look and think twice. I’ll try to find out a little more about whatever the daily musing is and post it here.

So, take a look, maybe subscribe to the daily RSS feed, and I hope you enjoy.


Certain photos from this blog are available for purchase through my shop at http://ispynyc.etsy.com.  And email me at mcappelletti@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss anything NYC or photography.

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11 thoughts on “About I Spy NYC

  1. Bob says:

    The sad thing about the bicycle with the bent wheel is that I see lots of them in the Park Slope neighborhood – and it appears to be vandalism – maliciously kicking bicycle wheels in order to damage them.

  2. sorrentolens says:

    I like your photos very much — good stuff with a different point of view. Good luck.

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Marc – love the musings and the images. It makes me want to move to the city…and convince Gina to come along too!

  4. miranda says:

    I love your photos – they are really inspiring me – your blog would be a lovely book.
    Do you ever shoot people?

    • Marc Cappelletti says:

      …only when they really tick me off.

      Seriously, thank you so much for your wonderful comment! Taking photos of people has always been a hesitation of mine. I’ve always felt this invisible wall of is it intrusive/normal/preferred and haven’t pushed through. I’ve also been hesitant with asking for model releases, etc if I’d want to publish the photos. Maybe I should try asking people.

      Thanks again for reading the blog! Readers like you are why I do this. (Besides my love of all things unique New York).


  5. Sajib says:

    I’ve fallen in love with your pictures. I don’t understand how some photographer folks find out extraordinary frames out of this garbage-planet. I have a little interest in photography, too. But I don’t own a camera, so everything is just stop.

    Off-topic: Can I have your chat ID? Maybe gtalk (aminulislam333 [at] gmail.com) or yahoo (same as gmail).

  6. Blue Ringo says:

    My blog is on commute too! Yours is much better.

  7. Anne Lessing says:

    What a wonderful blog! It was on the front page of WordPress.com and I just happened to see it. I’m saving this to favorites so I can get a little taste of NYC every day…gosh, I love that city to bits and pieces! Lovely photos!

  8. Heartigan says:

    These are some wonderful photographs! As someone wrote a bit earlier, they kinda make me want to move there 🙂


  9. Sharon says:

    So you like New York, then?

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