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Polar Migration to Brooklyn

It happened this morning.  The second snow of the year brought visitors to New York City once again. This time, Colonel Penny Loafer and Arctic Stu left their polar homes and explored the brownstone lined streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

“I swear, I heard Spike Lee lives on this block!”

They paid their respects.  (What up Brooklyyynnn!!!!!)

 Then they headed back on the C train.

After several delays due to an overly cautious dispatcher they were back in the wild, ready for their next adventure.

Iconic NYC Christmas!

The Skyline Lights

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Scenes from a West Side Run

Taking advantage of the ridiculously warm day yesterday, I went out for a run along the west side highway path. My iPhone has quickly become a great tool for my photography, but in situations like this, a hindurance to my health. How can you keep running when you can capture these scenes?

Evening from the Office Rooftop

Such a fun night after work to hit the roof and take some shots of the Empire State Building and Christopher street pier.

You Know What This Train Needs? A Mariachi Band!

What NYC commute would be complete without something completely random and unexpected happening just a few uncomfortable inches from your face? Enter the flash mariachi squad.  Bop bop ba da di dop!

These guys burst through the door like an instant parade and were pretty good.  Unfortunately, it was a tough crowd.  There were a few claps but I didn’t see many dollar bills changing hands after their song.  Then, a few seconds later a the train pulled into the station they were gone, off to entertain another car.

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Yankees Stadium – Watch Out for Bats and Balls

My dad and I were enjoying the Yankees/Rays game tonight when he noticed this sign on the back of the seat. “Be alert for bats and/or balls.”  Bats?  We were in the middle deck in right field!  Even Sammy Sosa at his most roided out condition couldn’t wing a corked bat within a mile of our section. If they shot the bat out of a hot dog canon it would barely make it past the $1,000 reach-out-and-grab-a-player seats.  I guess they saved some cash by printing all the same sign.

After joking about the sign for a minute or two we went back to watching the game. It was an OK game.  Pretty slow.  Then a Beer Man came out of nowhere and hit me with a bat.  I should have been more alert.

Fan on the lookout for stray Louisville Sluggers .

Lunchtime in the Wilds of the West Village

Even five minutes in the little park at the Church of St. Luke at lunch is a great break to the day. Somehow time in nature is stretched to feel longer than time away from nature.


Rugs here, get your New York rugs here!

Something about this rug made me feel like I was standing in Manhattan’s living room, and instead of sitting down to be entertained by a television, I only had to observe my surroundings.

(Another iPhone photo, by the way. I’m really starting to think it’s the best camera I own because I always have it with me.)

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New York Dogs

Dog waiting for his owner in the supermarket. 

Took this shot with my iPhone, by the way.

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New York iPhone Photography

I’m really having trouble with this.  I’m walking around Central Park, on my way to meet friends, and in the few seconds that I have here and there I’m able to take photos with my iPhone that I never could have with my SLR. Are they going to win any awards? No. Do my others? No. What I’m so caught up with is how much art and how much freedom of expression is coming out of this new technology. Photos that are completely average now, with the power of technology, can become really fun and interesting. Like these belly dancers.

Or these.  They’re not even good photos. Nothing exceptionally striking or even technically on point, yet I keep looking at them.  Am I falling for the bells and whistles that make the finicky art form of film processing as easy as pushing a button?  Is this good for the art world or bad?  Has the photography of long heavy lenses and expensive glass met its match with convenient perfectly acceptable point and shoots?  Even phones?  As I stood here taking shots with my phone I saw tourists hauling around the long lenses I’ve aspired to scrape together the money to buy.  But as I see them struggle and check their settings and fuss with their shoulder straps I take five shots, a video of some choreographed dancers, and I’m off to meet my friends with the phone back in my pocket. Those who are still skeptical, check out the iphone groups on Flickr. People are doing amazing phone photography.

Why Does My Apartment Smell Like Smoked Meat?

Woke up to a street fair outside my window this morning. Got to love it. Made for the perfect lunch.

9/11 Light

Coney Island on a Hot Summer Day


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