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Good Night Empire State Building, Good Night Chrysler Building

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Union Square Goings On

I walked home from work today to the most beautifully strange light in Union Square.  The dark clouds held it all in and the glass reflection off of a 14th street building only added to the effect.

There’s a very interesting art installation going on in the park too. The two guys in the background are sitting on stones labeled The Guilty, The Guiltier, The Guiltiest.  Makes you wonder what he was talking about on the phone.


Are you kiddin me, man?  They’re putting in a TGI Fridays?  What crack in the culinary universe allowed this establishment to slip in?  Just one more reason to head down to the village to feel “local” again.  But next time I’m in the mood for some Prime Rib Stroganoff I know right where I’ll go.

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Lelabar Decorates the Street in NYC’s West Village

At first glance I thought, jeez, why would someone knock over those pots full of corks in the little plot of dirt on the sidewalk. Then I thought, wait, why are the corks there anyway?  With this thought process you’d think I already had a few chiantis at Lelabar, the West Village wine bar responsible for the decoration.  You can find random flower assortments and even some doodads, yes doodads, in plots throughout the village.  But I have to give it to Lelabar for the themed arrangement. Definitely makes it more interesting.

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What is this? A house for birds? Avian Real Estate on 7th Avenue

Location, location, location.  These are still going for $3,500 a square foot. Deal with it chickadees.

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Ode to the New York City Business Man

They head the call of progress.  Of duty.  Of the wild.  Ok, not that.  But they do spring out of subways, like this Christopher Street Path Train, into an uncertain world.

They walk past monuments erected for the triumphs of our forefathers — those who set the wheels in motion and whose great vision has inspired millions.  And then there is this guy…

Even when he walks down a quiet West Village street he  barks instructions into a, wait, what is that thing??? Is that a full headset?   Let’s take a closer look…

I can’t concentrate anymore. I’m done. Have fun at work!

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This is Julian – A Chance New York Encounter

When Julian rolled up on his bike I really didn’t know what to expect. I was taking photos along the East River of the sunset and a few geese splashing around below. My usual spot. All of the sudden this guy came up close and asked me if I could help him out.  He looked straight out of a hip hop video, complete with a gold grill on his lower teeth. The look is authentic and completely fitting.  Julian is a musician trying to make in it New York.

To listen to a sampling of his music (hip hop and electro) check out his myspace page here. Let the first song play through. He’s got a line in there, “They call me odd, but I’ll get even.” that I think is pretty cool.

Oh, and the way I helped him out?  He needed a photo taken of himself. We traded emails and here it is. He’s a cool guy and I hope his music career takes off.

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Does Everyone Have to Run Because It’s Spring?

My alarm went off at 5:52 this morning. The goal: be out on the East River for sunrise to take some photos. But man, the sun is popping up earlier and earlier these days. My viewfinder was still looking blurring to my morning eyes. Within minutes I was surrounded by crazy people, these swift and agile gazelles hurling their bodies along the East River Greenway.

Every shot I lined up, every scene and angle, had runners cutting in and out.  So I embraced it. And, putting them in the shots burns calories, I think.

And of course, a good time was had by all.

Download the waterfront map here.

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Warm Weather Brings Out the Sounds of New York City

I noticed something when the sun went down last night on the Hudson – I wasn’t freezing to death! In fact, it was a beautiful night. And aside from the welcomed warmth, I noticed that the weather brought new sounds as well.  Cyclists now wooshed along the West Side pathway. Joggers chatted in between breaths. All the while, I fixated on the Hudson River sunset.

Cars rushed south on the West Side Highway. In winter, they greedily hold in heat and sound. Tonight, windows were down and even as commuters blew past me, I could hear music coming from their systems. Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, and even a quick hit of Aretha Franklin at one point.  Of course if you’re on the phone or eager for a moment’s peace, this isn’t cool.  But, for anyone who like’s to sing “sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me,” forever on end, hey, that sound bite of Aretha is all you need.

When the cars were still, the sound of kids playing on brightly lit astroturf fields filled the air. Coaches blew their whistles and called out instructions. Their energy radiated to all who passed by, probably pausing to remember when they were just a kid on a field, dreaming of going pro some day.  All the while, the city skyline, quiet as the clouds, speaks louder to New Yorkers than all the joggers, cars and soccer-playing kids combined.

Here comes spring in New York City.

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West Village Snow Photos

Just a couple shots from lunch. Taken in the West Village of New York City.

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The West Village’s Best Kept Morning Secret

I’m sitting here in the Path Cafe in NYC’s West Village. If you exit the Christopher Street Path train station and turn right you can’t miss it. It’s so close my seat rumbles every time a train passes underneath. The place has free internet, decent coffee, average-price but tasty soups and paninis.  I just finished a delicious breakfast sandwich with fluffed egg whites, sauteed spinach and melted low-fat Swiss cheese on a 7-grain roll.  The best part — I’m the only one here.

I do a lot of writing. And, when you live in a Smart Car-sized apartment, you need to find good places to clear your head and write.  I’ve tried Starbucks, and I continue to try Starbucks all over the city. But, oh my God are those places busy and noisy and becoming scenes more and more each day.  So far, the Starbucks at 18th and Park is the only one where I’ve churned out more than a paragraph without spazzing.  There’s a Starbucks just three blocks from where I sit now and I bet it’s packed. I’ve tried to write there often before work only to get so frustrated that I leave and end up at work early. Can you think of anything worse?

Why aren’t there more people here? Maybe it’s because the restroom is for customers only.  Bruce, the man behind the counter, is a nice guy.  For the few people that have come in, he knows what they want before they finish, even remembering that one woman eats her bagel with tomato, cream cheese and “hot sauce.”  And the music is good too.  It’s chill.  Bob Marly’s “Stir it Up” is playing as the sun peaks over the roof of a building on Hudson and Christopher. Life is good at the Path Cafe. I just hope it’s good for the owners too.  I’d like this place to stick around for a while.

The Path Cafe – 131 Christopher St. NY, NY

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Snowstorm hits NYC. “Sweet,” says photographers.

There were quite a few frozen fingers today as photographers went out to photograph their favorite New York spots, now blanketed with snow. I wish I could have stayed out in it all day – checking out the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Central Park, and all the hot spots – but we didn’t have a “snow day” at work. So here’s my favorite shot from my morning and evening commutes.

(You can buy a print of this Red Umbrella Photo from my etsy page. Click here.)

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Winter Jam NYC

Did you know there are National and World Championships for trampolining?  A few of those champions took to the tramps in Central Park yesterday as Winter Jam attracted kids and adults alike to see the high flying show. There was also a snow boarding ramp, with performances throughout the afternoon. Visitors could watch the athletes or shop a variety of stands to buy their endorsed gear.

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The Hudson is Frozen

The Hudson River really doesn’t need much to be major point of interest for New Yorkers and tourists alike. Since it’s frozen, though, the great shapes made by the ice make the views much more interesting. Check out this story of the Hudson freezing back in the day.

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