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New York Photographic Memories

Lonely Snowy New York Street, originally uploaded by marc.cappelletti.

I was going through my iPhone this morning and found this shot from the last snow storm we had. Something about it just spoke to me, and not because I liked the shot, but because I had forgotten that I even took it. So many times our memories betray us. Sometimes by skewing the facts, other times by cutting out altogether. Photography is one of the only tools we have to capture our memories as they were, and then have the ability to tweak them ever so slightly. Or, as it is not a black and white world, adjust them in a more profound way, to layer on another dimension of feeling to the memory.

Go through your phone and computer often and revisit photos, your visual journals. You may find memories you never thought you had. And that’s a good way to spend a gloomy Saturday in the city, any city..

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Rugs here, get your New York rugs here!

Something about this rug made me feel like I was standing in Manhattan’s living room, and instead of sitting down to be entertained by a television, I only had to observe my surroundings.

(Another iPhone photo, by the way. I’m really starting to think it’s the best camera I own because I always have it with me.)

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