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You Know What This Train Needs? A Mariachi Band!

What NYC commute would be complete without something completely random and unexpected happening just a few uncomfortable inches from your face? Enter the flash mariachi squad.  Bop bop ba da di dop!

These guys burst through the door like an instant parade and were pretty good.  Unfortunately, it was a tough crowd.  There were a few claps but I didn’t see many dollar bills changing hands after their song.  Then, a few seconds later a the train pulled into the station they were gone, off to entertain another car.

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Nothing Like Bagpipes to Cut Through NYC Rush Hour Noise

I’m serious. This guy was a welcomed distraction and placed an interesting and fresh mood in the air around Madison Square Park this morning. Really good street musician.

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Ticketmaster Security Phrases = Hipster Band Name Generator

Massive additional charges, long waits and incurably frustrating customer service.

Now, Ticketmaster can be known for something different — potential band name generation.  To block spammers from screwing with their system Ticketmaster, like many other websites, has instituted a phrase box. Squiggly words pop up and you have to type them in to prove you’re a unique user and not an algorithmic spammer.

As I tried to purchase Bruce Springsteen at Giants Stadium tickets today I noticed that my security phrase had a ring to it. 1,000 Grasps. Kind of catchy, right? — a name for a band you’d expect to find playing at 1 am at an East Village underground bar. Something edgy. Something inspirational. Lots of bass.

The online wait for tickets said 15 minutes, so I clicked off and tried again. (This is NOT the recommended way to use Ticketmaster online). In my following attempts to buy tickets I was greeted with such gems as Wrote Patton, Rashers Current, Loving Cherubic and Months Pi.

My favorite, Mongers Aria, I imagined as a group of cheese and fish vendors inspired by Andrea Boccelli.  Party’s Clerks would be a simple but energetic band — three chords, a bouncy stage show, thin ties and under-sized blazers. Then there was Yuletide Law, presumably on the bill to represent the seasonal rock crowd. The last phrase/hipster band name to pop up before I realized I was waisting my lunch (and my life) away was Call Crete, a band I’m sure will soon dominate the Greek college scene.

Thank you Ticketmaster. I don’t have my Springsteen tickets, but if I ever form a hipster band I know where to go for our name.

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Booga Sugar (12.8.08)

If you turn your view away from the soaring New York skyline and look towards the ground you’ll see lots of things. Trash, dog crap, unidentifiable stuff. You’ll probably also spot these stickers for Booga Sugar. A street marketing tactic that’s becoming more and more popular in NYC. (See Rod Stuart Loves the Hamptons)

Booga Sugar

Booga Sugar

So what is this? Notice the G clef. Ahh. There we have it. Booga Sugar, boogasugar.com is a New York City band who seems to a thing with Sweet and Low. It’s poppy, electronic, eclectic and fun music. And while I don’t condone litering of just any old piece of garbage, it seems like New York bands have to do creative advertising like this to generate some buzz and break through all the clutter. Good luck Booga.

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