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The Lost Super Moon Shots

From the archives…

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Favorite New York City Photos of 2010

This weekend I went through all of the photos I’ve taken this year. Way more than I thought. In fact I can’t believe how many it is, yet still feel like I’ve not even cracked the surface of New York City.  Here the ones that got the most clicks, were picked up by Gothamist and other sites, or that I just like for whatever reason. I hope you enjoy them, and would love your comments on which you like the best.

Click Here to View My Top NYC Photos of 2010 Flickr Photo Set.

And few of the shots can be purchased at my ETSY store.

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92 Degrees. Head for the Pier!

 Man, it was hot yesterday!  At lunch I looked to Christopher St. pier as a breezy escape. Bad idea. No shade, no breeze, breathing labored in the heavy air.  Most were clearly dressed for the weather.  Do they have jobs?  Us business casuals baked up and down the boardwalk. 

After walking for 5 minutes I felt the need to jump in the water.  Head first.  Bring it on, Hudson.  But I pulled back — stuck a hand in the fountain and closed my eyes. Paradise, almost.

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The Fountain of Youth? In New York City?

Come to Madison Square Park and your eye will find a million different goodies to focus on.  The playground, the greenest grass in all of Manhattan, the art installations that always seem to cause controversy — it’s a beautiful place to explore. Perhaps the biggest attraction (besides the Shake Shack, of course) is the fountain.  Added in 1867, this eternally flowing fountain brings a peaceful, constant serenity.  And the kids love it.

Visit http://www.madisonsquarepark.org for more information on the park. Check the schedule for concerts and other great events.

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Who’s That Guy in Gramercy Park?

Would you believe me if I told that there is a statue in Gramercy Park dedicated to the brother of the man who shot Abraham Lincoln?  You should.  It turns out, Edwin Booth was a pretty good guy.  Despite his brother’s tarnishing of the family name to eternity, Edwin lived an inspired life as an actor in New York City. He founded the Booth Theatre on 23rd and 6th and converted his home at the south end of Gramercy into a club, The Players Club, for acting professionals (and a few other select members).  Click here to read more about Edwin Booth.

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